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The CRUD actions is one of common actions to do with data. The SharePoint , represents 2 types of Object Model:
one is Client Object Model and another is Server Object Model and you can do CRUD via these models (according to the privilege)
Through this component, you can work with Server Object Model & do CRUD actions as easy as drinking a glass of water   ☺

This Component is a Signed Assembly and is usable in sharepot to deploy.

About the Component

This free component is based on .NET Framework 3.5 (Runtime v2.0) thas is usable in both SharePoint 2010 & SharePoint 2013

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Briefly,this Component is consist of:
- Insert new item method
- Update an existing item method(any fields you want)
- Delete an item method
- Select an item or some items method (accordning to your SPQuery object)
- Select item's attachments method

and also consist of some small utilities, like:
- Converting DateTime to Jalali (Shamsi) date method

Specially, consist of :
- A pagination class for paging SPList Items

Privacy Policy

This is an "AS IS" component.

There is No Threat (harmful) or Bad Coding inside it.

There is No Object Disposing (you must manage your own).

There is No Impersonation [SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges] (you should manage your own).

There is No changes for [SPWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates] (you should manage your own).

There is No additional Web Request (Unwanted request and response).

This is not a CAML Query Builder

This component does not support Join

To get the Public Key Token to use as a safe control, please follow this blog post (in persian).
Also in each version (in advanced section), there is a sample tag about it.

When Using this component, there is no responsibility for the programmer of this component against any issue. you can test it on a test environment and then use it in an operational environment.

This component has been Tested on SharePoint Server 2010 & SharePoint Server 2013 in a Visual WebPart.

Please send me the bug reports or your experience of using this component via this page or sending e-mail to


SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2013

            // START OF SAMPLE
             void SampleMethodForSelectData()
               // get the SPWeb object
               var myweb = new Web(SPContext.Current.Web);
               // make a Mapper object
               Mapper< MyListEntityClass> myListObject = new Mapper< MyListEntityClass>(myweb);

               // get all attachments of a listitem with ID = 8
               Attachment item8_attachments = myListObject.SelectAttachment(8);

               // get the item with ID 8
               MyListEntityClass item8 = myListObject.Select(8);

               // make your SPQuery Object
               SPQuery myQry = new SPQuery{ Query = "..." };

               // Select your data as a list of your entity class
               List< MyListEntityClass> result = myListObject.Select(myQry);

               gridview1.DataSource = result;


             // You can call this method in page load

            using Seifollahi.SPMapper;

            public partial class SPMapprTestWebpartUserControl : UserControl
                    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
                            if (!IsPostBack)
            // END OF SAMPLE

Please go to Latest Version to get more information (Like Update or Delete or Pagination) and see download link


Please go to Latest Version to get more information and see download link